Wildfire Mitigation

By reducing ground fuels and conifer trees that burn 10X Faster than Aspen.

More than ever Forest Fires are becoming a significant risk to our forests, our homes, and our air quality. Mother nature has been managing her forests for eons before we have taken over stewardship. The time has come to work hand in hand with Mother Nature to prevent these natural tragedies from getting too far out of hand. 106 has a unique process of replacing sections of pine tree forests with thriving aspen groves.

The benefit is a dramatic decrease in fire expansion and intensity due to the fact that pine trees burn 10 times hotter, and 10 times faster than aspen trees. The answer has been with us the whole time, however our unique approach to reforestation allows us to make the best of what Mother Nature has given us and create barriers to protect the assets under our stewardship.