Water Development & Infrastructure Design

If you own substantial property in the high altitude west, you know that water availability is the most precious resource and perhaps the most vexing one to sure up.  106 has successfully blueprinted and built for clients self sustaining water systems.  These plans include:

  • Watershed/water store management
  • Water management to prevent erosion on roadways and forest treatment areas
  • Water storage areas for fish habitat and livestock
  • Water feature design
  • Irrigation pipeline trenching and design
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Proper forest management can substantially increase the water yield within a watershed, producing more water into local streams, springs and aquafers.

Conifer stands present a twofold challenge to watersheds. 

  • First, conifer bows capture snow high in the tree where it re-aspirates into the atmosphere keeping valuable snowpack off the ground. (This is evident in early march as there is literally no snow on the ground in conifer stands, but abundant snow just a few feet beyond in aspen stands).
  • Second, conifer trees can pull five times as much water out of the ground compared to similar sized aspen

Aspen are not only an esthetic “gold” on the forest, they yield more water, and that is worth far more than platinum on the Western landscape.